Recapture the joy of parenting

Learning the right techniques makes a world of difference

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Learn how to stay calm

When your kids do upsetting things, your response really matters

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Practical parenting strategies that work

We deliver courses that make parenting more enjoyable whilst preparing children for the real world. Led by Rebecca Pinkewich – a Trained Independent Facilitator of Love & Logic® curricula – our courses are based on psychologically-sound research and years of refinement.

Toddlers & Preschoolers

A season of change

As your sweet little baby transitions into an independent toddler with his or her own wants and needs – and an ability to express these with ‘great enthusiasm’ – it’s important for parents to understand how to provide loving limits.

Primary Schoolers

The joy of discovery

As children grow, parents need to help them understand cause and effect relationships and solve their own problems. Healthy parenting is about giving them the latitude to make mistakes when the consequences are low. It’s also about having fun along the way.


Where to from here?

Parents often approach the teenage years with fear and trepidation. We can equip you with simple techniques that will help you navigate this period well, dramatically increasing the odds that your child will transition to adulthood successfully.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

Tantrums at the shopping centre

Bedtime shenanigans

Constant whining and arguing

Sibling bickering

Stressful morning rush

Staying out past agreed time

… plus a whole lot more. Our courses are designed to give you practical skills to use immediately