Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!

Specific help for parents of children aged 1-6

Freedom Families and Rebecca Pinkewich, Trained Independent Facilitator of Love and Logic® curricula, present proven strategies which take the stress out of raising babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

For nearly 40 years, the Love and Logic Institute has been dedicated to making parenting fun and rewarding through the use of practical tools and techniques. These help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children and help them prepare their kids for the real world. All of their work is based on a psychologically sound parenting and teaching philosophy called ‘Love and Logic’.

Why does it work?

Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows them to live with the consequences of their choices (in a safe environment) and to learn how to make better choices in future.

Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! works because it:

  • Uses humour, hope, and empathy, to build up the adult-child relationship
  • Emphasises respect and dignity for both children and adults
  • Provides real limits in a loving way
  • Teaches consequences and healthy decision-making.

The program

This five module parenting program provides solutions to the following:

  • How to handle disruptions during meal times
  • How to get children to stay in their own bed
  • How to end temper tantrums
  • How to discipline your toddler in public without creating a scene
  • How to get children up and about in the mornings
  • How to stop whining and bickering
  • And many other day-to-day parenting challenges.

This parenting program is designed to give you practical skills that can be used immediately!

Courses are run over 5 x 2 hour sessions.

Course Dates

 Term 2 2018 Dates*:

The Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! course will be run in Term 2 over 5 Monday evenings. The dates are:

Session 1: 28th May (week 5 of term 2)

Session 2: 4th June

Session 3: 11th June (Queen’s birthday public holiday)

Session 4: 18th June

Session 5: 25th June (last week of term 2)

* Dates for Term 2 are subject to finalisation.

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Please note: Facilitators of Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! curriculum are independent and not employees of the Love and Logic Institute.