Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the courses cost?

Both the Parenting the Love and Logic Way  course and the Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!  course are offered at the same price. A single registration is $199 and a double registration (for two people) is $299.

Are there any special discounts?

Our course prices are as follows:

  • Single registration $199
  • Double registration (2 people registering together – does not have to be both parents) $299, which effectively reduces the individual registration cost to $149.50 per person.

Sometimes, we will offer special discounts for returning attendees, or where attendees have been issued with a pre-advised discount code. Use your code in the registration process to receive your special discount.

What does a "double registration" mean?

A double registration is the registration type you should select if you want to book for two people. A double registration effectively reduces the cost per individual – creating a saving on the cost of the course.

The two people included in a double registration do not have to be a married couple or partners (of course, many couple do choose to come together). If you are a mum, you might decide to register with a friend – and leave the dads at home to look after the kids (the dads can sign up for the same course the next time it’s on offer)! You might also want to consider registering with a grandparent (especially where they have a regular or semi-regular caring role for your children), your nanny or au pair, friend or other relative.

We have included the double registration option as a way to open up possibilities for attendance where families may not have easy access to childcare. If one parent needs to stay home to look after the kids, then why not get the benefit of a double registration by registering with a friend instead – you’ll have heaps of fun along the way!

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

All courses on offer are subject to minimum numbers. If a course has not met the minimum numbers to go ahead, it will be cancelled, you will be notified and a full refund will be issued. You may then wish to register for a course offered on an alternative date.

Refunds will not be offered for sessions missed once the course has begun and registration fee has been paid.

Where is the course information from?

Freedom Families founder Rebecca Pinkewich is a Trained Independent Facilitator of Love and Logic curricula, specifically the Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ and Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! ™ courses. All materials are from the Love and Logic Institute. For further information about Love and Logic, visit

Which is the best course for my needs?

The Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™ course is best for families where all children in your family are 6 years old or younger (ie. have not yet begun formal schooling). It is also helpful for families with babies less than one year old (experimentation with various strategies can begin from around 8-9 months of age). Expectant parents have also attended this course as part of their readiness for parenthood.

Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ is best for families with children of all ages. Strategies learned in this course are suitable for parents of babies through to late teens. (In fact, many parents have commented on how effectively they have been able to use Love and Logic strategies with their adult children, husbands, wives, partners, and even work colleagues!)

This course is best suited to families with school-aged children, or where at least one child is still of school age. While there are still strategies for younger children included in this course, the focus is on older children and teenagers. For a more detailed focus on younger children (prior to starting school), parents should consider the Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™ course.

What ages do my kids have to be? Do I need to have kids to attend the course?

Love and Logic® skills can be used with children from as young as 8-9 months old, through to teenagers and adult children. Many parents effectively use Love and Logic® techniques with their husbands, wives, ageing parents and work colleagues!

We have had expectant parents attend our courses to help expand their knowledge prior to having their first child.

We have had parents of teenagers about to leave home also attend to help navigate the next stage of their journey with almost-adult children.

And of course, every age in between!

Other people who may find these courses helpful:

  • Grandparents (especially those who look after their grandchildren on regular or semi-regular basis);
  • Individuals who work with children (nannies, au pairs, baby-sitters, child care workers, crèche volunteers, etc).
  • Expectant parents due with their first child.
Which course-type is best for me?

Ideally, the courses are best run over the five- or six- week nightly option, as this provides time for practice, experimentation and consolidation of concepts each week in between sessions. However, we understand that this option may not work for all families, which is why we also offer the two-consecutive Saturdays option. This option covers the same material as the week night courses, but is intensified into two full Saturdays. This option allows for one week of experimentation, practice and consolidation between sessions.

Is the course held on weekdays or weekends?

We offer both courses on weekday nights (for 5 or 6 consecutive weeks, depending on the course), and also as a 2-consectutive Saturdays option.

Please see our registration pages for dates on offer.

How long do the courses go for?

The Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ course is offered as a six week long course, held on the same day each week for six weeks. Each evening session runs for 2 hours.

The Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™ course is a five week long course, held on the same day each week for five weeks. Each evening session runs for 2 hours.

Both courses are also run as a two-consecutive Saturdays intensive. This option runs from approximately 9am to 5pm over two consecutive Saturdays.

Where are the courses held?

The courses are currently held in Castle Hill in the Hills District of New South Wales. See individual registration pages for further details on the venue for your course.

Courses may be run at other venues upon arrangement with Freedom Families. Go here to find out more about partnering with us!

Does my partner need to attend at the same time/can we attend separately?

It is not a requirement that couples attend the courses together, however if it is manageable for your family, this is the ideal scenario. It is always helpful when parents are able to be on the same page when implementing new parenting skills or strategies with their children. Attendance at the courses together helps to enable both parents to learn the skills and how to apply them in a way that fits their own family dynamics.

We understand, however, that it is not always possible for both parents to attend together, which is why we provide a discounted registration fee for a “double registration”. This may involve registering together with a friend or a grandparent (in situations where only one parent is going to attend).

It is also possible for one parent to attend the course on their own, and have the other parent attend the next time the course is held.

We recommend that if only one parent can make the course, that the same parent attend all the sessions (ie. parents should not “take turns” with their attendance week-to-week). Each week builds on foundational concepts from the week before and parents will benefit the most from consistent attendance.

What if we can’t make one week?

If you are unable to make one week of the course, it is not the end of the world! However, if it is likely that you will be missing more than one week, we suggest looking into another course date instead.

We do not provide catch up sessions for missed weeks, however there is still material for that week provided in your workbook which can be read through at your own convenience. Additional materials and resources in the Freedom Families Lending Library may be helpful where they relate to that week of missed content and may be borrowed.

We do not offer refunds for any sessions missed.

Do you have child-minding facilities?

We do not offer child-minding facilities and we request that children are not brought along to the courses.

While we love children, we know that having them at the course, or being looked after nearby, can create a distraction for the child’s parents and others attending the course. Our courses are an opportunity to connect with other like-minded adults, learn some new skills and have a load of fun – without having to worry about whether the kids are behaving, sitting still or doing what they are told!

We know that for many families, babysitting can be hard to come by – which is why we offer a “double registration” – where mum and a girlfriend or grandparent might register together for one course (while dad stays home to look after the kids) – and then dad and a mate or grandparent might register together for the same course the next time it’s on offer (while mum stays home to look after the kids).

What if I’m a single parent/divorced or separated?

If you are a single parent, we value you and the unique challenges you face. You are more than welcome to attend either of our courses!

The skills and strategies learned in our courses can make the time you spend with your kids so much more enjoyable, especially if you are going it alone! In addition to the material covered in the courses, there are some excellent resources for divorced or separated parents in our Freedom Families Lending Library that may be borrowed throughout the course.

Are there any supplementary materials and do they cost extra?

Your registration fee covers the following:

  • 6 x 2 hour sessions (for the Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ course), and 5 x 2 hour sessions (for the Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™ course);
  • Participant workbook for each participant registered (which includes readings and activities to complement each session);
  • Access to additional resources as part of our Freedom Families Lending Library for the duration of the course;
  • Tea, coffee and refreshments at each session (lunch is not included at the 2-consecutive Saturdays option, unless otherwise stated).

Additional materials from the Love and Logic Institute, including books and CD’s, are available as part of our Freedom Families Lending Library. Participants are able to borrow up to 2 additional resources each week (to be returned the following week), to take home and read/listen to throughout the duration of the course. This effectively allows for up to an additional 8* (for Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!™ attendees) or 10* (for Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ attendees) Love and Logic resources to be borrowed (and returned) per participant, all included as part of the registration fee.

All additional resources that are made available as part of the Freedom Families Lending Library are also available for purchase at any time throughout the course.

* These are the maximum number of additional resources able to be borrowed when participants attend the course when it is held over the 5 or 6 weeks. One week of borrowing is available for participants attending the 2-consecutive Saturdays intensive. 

Is there any post-course support or follow up?

During the last session of each course, we provide details for signing up to receive weekly emails from the Love and Logic Institute.

We will also be offering options to sign up to the Freedom Families mailing list, which will begin to send further helpful information and tips in the future.

Attending the courses with other adults and friends allows a network of like-minded parents to grow, and these connections are vital as you continue on your parenting journey.

Additional materials may be purchased from Freedom Families to help with ongoing learning.

We do not offer one-on-one support or follow up at the completion of the course.

Do you provide food or snacks?

Tea, coffee and refreshments are included as part of the registration fee.

Lunch for the 2-Saturday course option is not included, unless otherwise stated.

What about children with behavioural difficulties or special needs?

The concepts taught in the courses capture powerful techniques in psychology and incorporate them into easy-to-use techniques. These concepts address basic human needs and encompass inclusion, structure, control and affection which exist in all groups and cultures. The techniques taught in the Love and Logic courses have been found to be effective with children with behavioural difficulties, and also with children with special needs. In addition, the Love and Logic Institute has many materials (books, CD’s and DVD’s) that hone in on these specialist areas and build further upon the foundation taught in the courses.

I’ve noticed that the courses are being run at a church facility – is the content Christian or is it relatable for all people of different faiths/no faith/denominations?

While Freedom Families founder Rebecca Pinkewich is a Christian and attends Dayspring Church in Castle Hill, the courses on offer are available to people of all walks of life and religious beliefs.

Our courses teach skills and strategies that are consistent with Christian values, but it is not a Christian parenting course.

The courses do not contain Christian content, Bible study or other Christian jargon.

They simply offer a way of thinking about parenting – skills, strategies and techniques that can be used by all parents, without making any assumptions about religious beliefs.

It is, after all, a parenting course – pure and simple.

Does this work with your own family?

My family is far from perfect! But we have found that when we are consistent with the strategies and skills we have learned, our family is much more peaceful, the kids are happier and family time is something we treasure and enjoy.

Can I arrange for a course to be run at an alternative venue?

Yes, you can! Go here to find out more about partnering with us!

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